1.1.  Client - a person, who made a reservation of offered apartments via Website


1.2. Hirer – Owner of the IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS Service, company IRS CAPITAL - general partnership with the registered office  in Żukowo,  entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs under the number  KRS  0000306238, Gdańsk, VII Economic Division of the National Court Register.





2.1. The reservation of apartament can be made as follows:

  • Through on-line reservation system, available at Website:
  • Through telephone number: +48 500 207 349
  • Over sending an E-mail at address:
  • through the mediation cooperating with the IRS

2.2. The accomplishment of reservation by one of the above-mentioned manners is  synonymous with perusal and agreement of the following terms and conditions.


2.3 After accomplishment of reservation, in accordance with article 2.1., at the E-mail address indicated by the client will be sent a confirmation of preliminary reservation of chosen apartament together with the information about the cost of entire stay, advance amount (from 30% to 50%, depending on the reservation date), hedge deposit and bank account number, on which shall the advance be paid.


2.4. The prices for one day of stay in apartament are given in PLN and EUR currency and they include binding tax.


2.5. The advance shall be paid via on-line transaction served by company, according to instructions, that can be found at website  or direct via transfer to bank account:


ALior Bank S.A

14 2490 0005 0000 4520 6644 8841


The owner of bank account:

IRS CAPITAL – general partnership

Ul. Kasztanowa 16

83-330 ŻUKOWO


2.6. After the advance will be posted at IRS Royal Apartments account, preliminary reservation receives a status of guaranteed reservation, the confirmation will be sent in a message at the E-mail address indicated by the client.


2.7. In case of resignation of ordered services, the already paid advance is non-refundable, except for situations justified with existence of „Chance event”, pointed in article 6.2. of the following terms and conditions.


2.8. Lack of advance payment at the bank account within 48 hours from the accomplishment of the preliminary reservation, will cause its invalidation.





3.1. Check-in begins at 15.00 and ends the next day at 11:00 AM

Time of arrival must be confirmed by telephone on the day of arrival, at telephone number: +48 500 207 349.

I.e., the check fill out the registration card, to regulate pay for accommodation and additional services, collect the keys to the apartment and pay a deposit stay takes place on the day of arrival, the reception Street Hubal 14 of the agreed time or in advance by telephone in the apartment for a fee.


3.2. At check-in addition to the remuneration for renting an apartment and pay for additional services is a deposit in the amount of 300 PLN. The deposit can be paid in cash or in the form of lock debit / credit card. The preferred form is pre authorization of the payment card.


3.3.  The hotel reserves the right to increase the deposit in special cases, such as when the apartment commemorative event takes place.


3.4. Guests are required to report any deficiencies and irregularities immediately after entering and leaving the apartment. In the event of any irregularities during the check-out process or after the check-out, the hotel reserves the right to deduct the cost of the deposit and, in case of the amount exceeding the deposit, pay the fee for restoring the apartment to the condition as described and the condition upon check-in.



3.5. The guest is obliged to pay an additional one-time service fee when checking for the preparation of the apartment. Service fee is a one-time fee, independent of the length of stay and precisely because of its one-off nature is counted separately. Included in this charge shall prepare the apartment for the arrival and in particular to clean the apartment, bed linen and bathroom, preparing inserts the hotel, which is composed of coffee, tea, water, sugar, salt and pepper, and cleaning and hygiene products that are available in the apartment for your arrival.


Service fee is:


Studio Apartment 100 PLN / 25 Euro

One-bedroom apartment 130 PLN / 32 Euro

Apartment with two or more bedrooms 160 PLN / 40 Euro.


3.6. The accommodation happens in hours:


  • From 15:00 to 22:00 free
  • From 22:00 to 8:00 with extra charge of 80 PLN


      4. CHECK-OUT


4.1. The residence ends at 11:00 o’clock.


4.2.The day before departure it is necessary to contact Concierge of apartment with aim to set the exact hour of departure. Concierge will come to you, he will return the hedge deposit and he will pick the keys to the apartment up.

The departure happens in hours from 8:00 to 11:00 o’clock. The departure before 8:00 o’clock will be charged  extra 80 PLN.


4.3. At the time Concierge picks up the keys to the apartment, the client receives back the hedge deposit. The hedge deposit is given back in nominal amount. In case of damage to property of hirer, defined  in article 7.7. of the following terms and conditions, the hirer has a right to deduct the owed compensation from the deposit.







5.1. Payment for hiring of apartment shall be paid at last on the day of arrival, in cash or by credit card. We accept following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Polcard, Maestro.


5.2. It is possibile to pay for the stay through on-line transaction system, available as well at Website:  or via bank transfer  at the bank account indicated in article 2.3. of the following terms nad conditions. The payment must be done at last 3 days before Scheduled date of arrival.

5.3. Calculation of the price is based on price list binding on the day of reservation . The price list is available at Website:


5.4. The payment for incidental costs, that are not included in the reservation, shall be paid on this spot, at last on the end day of the stay.





6.1. The hirer reserves the right to keep a sum paid for stay (advance amount) in case of invalidation of reservation made by the client.


6.2. Later arrival or abandonment of the apartament before the scheduled end of the stay, except for chance events due to circumstances beyond the client, exclude the obligation of return of remuneration for unused services included in the reservation. The term „Chance events” refers to circumstances caused by force majeure.


6.3. The hirer reserves the right to cancel the reservation due to circumstances beyond him, caused by  chance events, described in previous paragraph. In case of invalidation of reservation through hirer follows the return of payments paid by the client, in this also the advance, what runs out all of the clients claims from the issue of non-perfomance of the agrement. The return follows within 7 days from invalidation of reservation at the bank account indicated by the client.





7.1. By check-in the client is obliged to present a valid identity card (ID, passport or any other identity card with picture).


7.2. The apartments are destined to the maximum four or six people. Maximal number of people is pointed in the description of the apartment.

The use of the apartment through a bigger number of people is allowed only on the ground of individual negotiations between the client and the hirer. In case the number of people in the apartment is bigger than arranged, the hirer reserves the right to breach  the agreement with an immediate result and to investigate the contract penalty of 200 zł/ per night for every additional person .


7.3. There is a possibility to reserve a parking place in underground parking area together with reservation of the chosen apartment. The hirer takes no responsibility for inconvieniences during the stay due to:  building works or repairs on the premises, where the apartament is situated and around him, severances, due to circumstances beyond the hirer, in delivery of current, water, heating etc. and noises from neighbouring real assets.


7.4. Smoking on the premises, where the apartment is situated, is allowed only in places to it destined. For breaking the rule, especially for smoking in apartment, the client will be burden with punishment of 500,00 zł (in words: five hundred złoty).


7.5. The animal in the apartment is acceptable after informing the hirer for a fee 60PLN / day. Each additional day – 25 PLN. Do not let the fact the hirer the client will be burden with punishment of 500,00 zł (in words: five hundred złoty).


7.6. Extension of stay shall be submitted at last at 16:00 o’clock the day before the end of stay. The extension if possible depends on availability of apartments.


7.7. In case the apartment will not be given back at 11:00 o’clock on the last day of stay, is  required  an additional charge of 300% (in words: three hundred złoty)of the charge  for every day, counted from the day that the apartment should be given back.


7.8. The client takes a full responsibility for all damages, caused regarding his stay in the apartment, through his or third party fault, that stay in the apartment with his permission.


7.9. Curfew in apartments is required from 22:00 to 06:00 o’clock.


7.10. Towards the persons that behave inappropriate, disturb the peace and curfew or don’t follow  the standards of good behaviour, the hirer reserves the right to breach  the agreement with an immediate result without obligation to return the payment for stay.


7.11. The hirer reserves the right to not giving up the keys to apartment to people that don’t have a valid identity card, are either under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, or behave aggressively.


7.12. In case of damage to the property of hirer or to himself caused regarding the clients stay in the apartment , the client takes full responsibility on general principles. The client doesn’t take responsibility for damages to the property caused without his fault.


7.13. The hirer is obliged to report in advance about the exceptional situation, i.e. stag or hen night.


7.14. At the time of the apartment will require extra cleaning, a certain amount of money will be stopped from the deposit. Big apartment (3 x bedroom, living room / 2 x bedroom, living room) - 250 PLN and small apartment (1 x bedroom, living / studio apartment) - 180 PLN.


7.15. There is a possibility to stay in an apartment with a pet. In public places the client is obliged to keep the pet in a way that prevents the pet from doing any damages to the property or person, that is on a lead or ,in justified cases, in a muzzle. The client is also obliged to have valid veterinary papers of the pet. The hirer should be immedietaly informed about a caused damage.


7.16. Smoking, use of intoxicants and being under their influence are not allowed in the apartments.  In case of disturbance of this principles the hirer reserves the right to breach  the agreement with an immediate result without obligation to return the payment for stay.


7.17. The client agrees to personal data processing related to reservation aims, placement in the database of the hirer and in marketing aims as per act of law from 29.08.1997 about the protection of personal data. The client has a right to control the data processing.