1. 1.         BASIC TERMS

1.1.  Booker (Guest) - the person who made the reservation of the offered apartment on the website or through the sale portals (OTA).

1.2.  Lessor (hotel / IRS) - owner of the IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS service and apartment operator, IRS CAPITAL spółka komandytowa (IRS) company with registered office in Żukowo, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under KRS No. 0000306238 Gdańsk, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register operating in Gdańsk, address ul. major Hubala 14 or its successor right.




2.1.  Apartment reservation is made in the following way:

  • using online reservation system available at the site
  • through telephone number: +48 500 207 349
  • by sending an email message to the address
  • by the means of (OTA) agents cooperating with IRS


2.2.  Making  a reservation by using one of the means listed above is equal to familiarizing oneself  with the content  and accepting the terms & conditions. Confirmation of this fact as well as abiding by the the terms & conditions Guest confirms by filling out the registration form during the check in procedure.     

2.3.  After the reservation is made according to paragraph 2.1 to the email address provided by the reserving party confirmation will be sent “Confirmation of preliminary reservation” for the selected apartment together with information regarding the cost of the entire stay, advance payment amount (from 30% up to 100% depending on the dates the reservations calls for), security deposit as well as the account number where the advance payment should be made. The above procedure can differ in the case when the reservation is made by using OTA that is regulated by separate OTA terms & conditions with the acknowledgement that IRS terms & conditions have higher priority during guests stay.  

2.4.  The prices for one day of stay in apartament are given in PLN and EUR currency and they include binding tax. Price do not include visitor’s taxes that are collected separately as well as the one time service charge that is not related to the number of nights called for. Prices offered by independent OTA agents are not identical to the prices offered on the IRS website and their representation is dependant on internal operating procedures of the OTA agents for which IRS takes no responsibility. In case of direct inquiry to the IRS our offer will be final and containing all pricing elements  together with visitor’s taxes, service charge, parking fee etc. which will be listed in detail on the specification. Reserving an apartment with additional services directly with IRS hast the benefit of the best price on the market. In case when a guest demonstrates that he can reserve an IRS apartment for specific dates for a lower price  using OTA agents than  the price offered directly by IRS, then IRS guarantees to lower it’s offer below the demonstrated level. IRS on it’s website offers the best pricing conditions.     

2.5.  The advance shall be paid via on-line transaction served by company, according to instructions, that can be found at website  or direct via transfer to bank account:


ALior Bank S.A

91 2490 0005 0000 4520 8980 9420


The owner of bank account:

PIRS & Co. Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością



2.6.  After the advance will be posted at IRS Royal Apartments account, preliminary reservation receives a status of guaranteed reservation.

2.7.  In case of resignation of ordered services, the already paid advance is non-refundable, except for situations justified with existence of „Chance event”, pointed in article 6.2. of the following terms and conditions.

2.8.  Lack of advance payment at the bank account within 48 hours from the accomplishment of the preliminary reservation, will cause its invalidation, unless the signing parties (Guest - hotel) have a different agreement.  



3.1.  The hotel day starts at 3:00p.m. and ends on the next day at 11:00a.m. The hour of arrival should be confirmed by phone on the day of arrival or on the day prior be calling this number + 48 500 207 349. The registration procedure consisting of filling out of the registration card , making a payment for the reserved nights and additional services , receiving keys to the apartment as well as providing the security deposit takes place on the arrival day in the reception office located at Mjr. Hubala No. 14 Street at the time agreed upon earlier by phone or in the apartment for an additional fee. In case of apartments equipped with key security boxes there is the option to conduct registration procedures remotely without the need to visit the reception office and making the additional payment for in-apartment registration. In this case after making a payment for the stay and remotely filling out the registration card guest will receive a code allowing for entry to the apartments location as well as the code to the key security box located by front door to the apartment where keys allowing entry to the apartment can be collected and in case where payment was made for a garage parking  space a remote control allowing for entry to the garage that will be left in the apartment.

3.2.  During registration aside from payment for the rental and additional services a security deposit in the amount of 500 PLN will be collected. The security deposit can be provided in cash or as a credit card preauthorization with the stipulation that cash is collected only in special cases as a last resort when debit/credit card can not be authorized due to technical reasons. Funds from the card are not transferred to the IRS account but only blocked to the availability of the IRS in case they need to be used. The funds in the form of unused security deposit are released to the account number of the card according to the time frame provided by bank’s policies and independently from IRS. In case of longer stays, the need to extent the card’s preauthorization may arise in order to ensure access to security deposit by the IRS, this procedure will be made remotely by IRS or security deposit can be collected in cash.      

3.3.  Hotel reserves the right to increase the amount of security deposit in special cases, for example when a party is to take place in the apartment with the stipulation that every single time an event like that is to take place guest has the obligation to notify Concierge on duty and obtain hotel’s permission. In case when a party is to take place in the apartment the security deposit may be raised up to 2 thousand PLN and it is customary for it not to be less than 1 thousand PLN with guest being informed about it every  time.  Increased security deposit has also application in certain special periods such as i.e. new years eve where traditionally the risk for damages is greater.

3.4.  The guest is obliged to pay an additional one-time service fee when checking for the preparation of the apartment. Service fee is a one-time fee, independent of the length of stay and precisely because of its one-off nature is counted separately. Included in this charge shall prepare the apartment for the arrival and in particular to clean the apartment, bed linen and bathroom, preparing inserts the hotel, which is composed of coffee, tea, water, sugar, salt and pepper, and cleaning and hygiene products that are available in the apartment for guest arrival.

Service fee is:

Studio Apartment 200 PLN 

One-bedroom apartment 250 PLN

Apartment with two bedrooms 300 PLN 

Apartment with three or more bedrooms 350 PLN 


3.5.  Right after checking in in case of equipment inconsistencies or insufficient preparation according to description Guest is obligated to report this fact to Concierge on duty. The notification  must be made right after entering the apartment, but no later than 12 hours from the moment keys were picked up. Complaints reported after later time and especially after using the service / after departure will not be acknowledged by the IRS  and observed shortages and damages will be held against the guest. Regulations listed here are in compliance with  general laws of the civil code.

3.6.  Reception registration takes place in these hours:

  • From 15:00 to 18:00 free
  • after reception opening hours with extra charge of 100 PLN

Warning: In apartments equipped with key deposit boxes there is the possibility of  free of charge registration even during night hours  after remote completion of the registration card and providing payment for services with security deposit.



4.1.  Hotel day ends at 11:00a.m. and up to this hour it is customary that guest has the duty to vacate the apartment unless the parties have a different agreement.

4.2.  On the day prior to departure you should contact Concierge in order to establish the exact departure hour. Concierge will come to you , will preform a short audit check of the apartments condition,  will return security deposit (in case of cash security deposit) and will collect apartments keys. Check outs take place from 8:00a.m. till 11:00a.m., for checking out before 8:00a.m. there is an additional fee in the amount of 100 PLN. In cases where security deposit is secured on credit or debit card check out in person is not required. In cases like these after prior agreement is made with hotel / concierge on duty keys can be left at any hour (in the time frame of hotel day in effect and the check out hours )  in key deposit box or when the apartment does not have it  in a mailbox of the given apartment.   

4.3.  At the moment when Concierge receives the keys back, the reserving party receives the security deposit back in cases where security deposit was collected in cash.  The return of the security deposit is made in nominal amount.  In case where damages have been caused to the property of  the lessor as determined by paragraph 7.7. of these terms & conditions the lessor has the right to deduct owed compensation  from the amount of the security deposit on hand. In case of damages caused by guest IRS has the right to charge  for the occurred damages in estimated amount even if it is greater than the amount of the security deposit. If charges are made IRS is obligated to inform guest about them every single time by email dispatched to the address that guest is mandated to provide on the registration card.

4.4.  Items left by the guest in the apartment (after check out), groceries and small items with low value such as i.e. underwear are without prior contact with guest disposed of free of charge under the condition that their quantity is not greater than the capacity of a standard trashcan located in the apartment. For items left in the apartment in quantity greater than the trashcan capacity as listed above hotel has the right to charge an additional fee as for special cleaning (it also regards to trash that was left behind and can not be fitted in the apartments trashcan as well as the buildings dumpster). In case when a guest leaves behind in the apartment an item of a higher value, hotel will contact the guest in order to discuss pick-up of property belonging to guest. Hotel stores items of higher value left after the stay for no longer than 30 days. After this period items will be destroyed or donated to charity. Guest does not have the right to collect trash in the apartment or other areas of the apartment building that are not designated. For violation of this paragraph hotel has the right to charge a stipulated fine in the amount equal to special cleaning or part of it according to the judgement of the hotel.       

4.5.  Charge for special cleaning is equal to three times the amount of the service charge, that is: 

Apartment Studio 360 PLN 

Apartment with one bedroom 450 PLN 

Apartment with two bedrooms 540 PLN 

Apartment with three bedrooms 630 PLN 


  1. 5.         PAYMENT FOR STAY

5.1.  Payment for hiring of apartment shall be paid at last on the day of arrival, in cash or by credit card. We accept following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.

5.2.  It is possibile to pay for the stay through on-line transaction system, available as well at Website:  or via bank transfer  at the bank account indicated in article 2.3. of the following terms nad conditions. The payment must be done at last 3 days before Scheduled date of arrival.

5.3.  Calculation of the price is based on price list binding on the day of reservation . The price list is available at Website:

5.4.  The payment for incidental costs, that are not included in the reservation, shall be paid on the spot, at last on the end day of the stay. Payment for stay is made by guest up front at the latest on check in day.

5.5.  Apartments are equipped with alcohol and food minibars as well as pay per view television. Usage of these services guest is mandated to report at the latest on check out day. If usage is not reported IRS has the right to charge a penalty fee in the amount of 300 PLN for every single time terms & conditions have been broken and charge guest for usage of  the offered by hotel assortment. 


  1. 6.         INVALIDATION

6.1.  The hirer reserves the right to keep a sum paid for stay (advance amount) in case of invalidation of reservation made by the client.

6.2.  Later arrival or abandonment of the apartament before the scheduled end of the stay, except for chance events due to circumstances beyond the client, exclude the obligation of return of remuneration for unused services included in the reservation. The term „Chance events” refers to circumstances caused by force majeure.

6.3.  The hirer reserves the right to cancel the reservation due to circumstances beyond him, caused by  chance events, described in previous paragraph. In case of invalidation of reservation through hirer follows the return of payments paid by the client, in this also the advance, what runs out all of the clients claims from the issue of non-perfomance of the agrement. The return follows within 7 days from invalidation of reservation at the bank account indicated by the client.

6.4.  Regardless from the above if there are fundamental problems with the reserved  apartment IRS has the right to offer  an apartment with similar standard and the guest can not reject this offer. Aside from that IRS in the so called Upgrade program (offering a better service) can offer guest on the check in day  free of charge  an apartment with higher standard  and/or better location with guest reserving the right to decline the offer and in that case upgrade would not be fulfilled. Apartment  upgrade is a guest right and guest can always ask during the check in if free upgrade is available. Priority in the apartment upgrade program is awarded to guests with “Frequent Guest” status.   



7.1.  For the purpose of check in tasks the reserving party is obligated to provide to the assisting concierge valid identity card  (ID card, passport or other form of picture ID). In case of check in tasks conducted remotely guest is obligated to provide true information and confirm them with own signature. The scan of a clearly filled out registration card should be emailed to the IRS reception at:

7.2.  Apartments are intended for maximum two, four, six or eight people according to apartments specification. Maximum number of occupants is listed in apartments description. Usage of the apartment by a higher number of people than listed in the specification is only possible based on a personal agreement between the lessor and reserving party. If lessor obtains information that the number of people using the apartment is greater than the one provided by contract (filling out and signing of the registration card is equal to entering into contract). The lessor reserves the right to annul the provision of services contract with an immediate effect as well as to seek an contractual fine for every additional person in the apartment in the   amount of 300 PLN  per hotel day of existing reservation.        

7.3.  There is a possibility to reserve a parking place in underground parking area together with reservation of the chosen apartment. The hirer takes no responsibility for inconvieniences during the stay due to:  building works or repairs on the premises, where the apartament is situated and around him, severances, due to circumstances beyond the hirer, in delivery of current, water,heating etc. and noises from neighbouring real assets. All reports made by guests in regards to these matters will be dealt with individually and in a case of severe inconvenience hotel can offer to change the apartment.        

7.4.  Smoking on the premises, where apartment is located can take place only in designated smoking areas. The ban violation and especially smoking in the apartment will result in a fine to the reserving party in the amount of 500,00 PLN (in writing: five hundred złoty).

7.5.  An Animal is accepted in the apartment after earlier notifying the lessor for an additional fee of 65 PLN /for the first night and 30 PLN for every consecutive night. For neglecting to inform the lessor about the animal the reserving party will be fined in the amount of 500,00 PLN (in writing: five hundred złoty). In case of stays longer than 7 days the price can be negotiated with guest to a lower level. Charge for an animal in the apartment can not exceed the amount of 500 PLN per month. The charge is collected in order to cover the costs of apartment preparation after an animal stay took place by the means of detailed cleaning and room decontamination. This charge is not used to cover for damages caused by animals. In case of any damages, guest would have to cover them separately according to costs.  

7.6.  Extension of stay shall be submitted at last at 16:00 o’clock the day before the end of stay. The extension if possible depends on availability of apartments.

7.7.  In case the apartment will not be given back at 11:00 o’clock on the last day of stay, is  required  an additional charge of 300% (in words: three hundred złoty)of the charge  for every day, counted from the day that the apartment should be given back.

7.8.  The client takes a full responsibility for all damages, caused regarding his stay in the apartment, through his or third party fault, that stay in the apartment with his permission.

7.9.  Noise ordinance in apartments is observed from 10:00p.m. till 6:00a.m. For noise ordinance violation IRS has the right to charge guest additional fee in the amount of 500 PLN (in writing: 500 złoty). 

7.10. In regards to people who are misbehaving , disturb peace, do not observe the noise ordinance and generally accepted norms of good behavior and are also not following instructions given by the on site security personnel  the lessor reserves the right  to immediately terminate the contract without the need for a refund of the received stay payment as well as to impose a fine  for terms & conditions breach in the amount of (in writing: five hundred złoty).

7.11. The hirer reserves the right to not giving up the keys to apartment to people that don’t have a valid identity card, are either under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, or behave aggressively.

7.12. In case of damage to the property of hirer or to himself caused regarding the clients stay in the apartment , the client takes full responsibility on general principles. The client doesn’t take responsibility for damages to the property caused without his fault. IRS has the right to charge guest in order to cover for the costs of confirmed missing items and damages and if the situation requires it also with the costs of closure/taking an apartment out of commission for repairs.   

7.13. There is a possibility to stay in an apartment with an animal. In public areas the reserving party has the obligation to handle the animal in such a way that would prohibit harm to another person or property achieved by the means of a leash or in warranted cases by the use of a muzzle. The reserving party is obligated to possess valid veterinarian documents. If damage occurs, the lessor should be notified right away. For concealing of an animal stay in the apartment the hotel has the right to charge a fine for breaking terms & conditions in the amount of 500 PLN (in writing: five hundred złoty)    

7.14. In apartments smoking is strictly prohibited, usage of drugs as well as being under their influence. If this ban is violated, the lessor reserves the right to immediately terminate the contract without the need for a refund of the received stay payment as well as to impose a fine for terms & conditions breach in the amount of 500 PLN (in writing: five hundred złoty)

7.15. The client agrees to personal data processing related to reservation aims, placement in the database of the hirer and in marketing aims as per act of law from 29.08.1997 about the protection of personal data. The client has a right to control the data processing.


  1. 8.         RODO

8.1.  On 25 May 2018 European Parliament and Council (UE) decree takes effect 2016/679 from 27 April 2016 in regards to protection  physical persons in connection with processing of personal data and in case of  free flow of such data as well as the repeal of directive 95/46/WE (further described as “RODO”). RODO introduces a number changes to the rules regulating processing of personal data that will have an impact on many areas of life including as well the character of trade contacts between our guests, partners as well as contractors (further described as guests) and the  hotel. Personal data is according to RODO information about identified or possible to identify physical person. In case of using our services such data are for example names and last names of guests (or their representatives), their email addresses, phone numbers etc. Personal data can be recorded in hotel customer databases (paper versions and electronic) as well as cookie files or similar technologies (i.e. local storage) on sites and devices that guests are using while making use of IRS services.

8.2.  Processing of personal data requires legal basis. RODO provides for few kinds  of such legal basis regarding data processing. In a case where guests are using IRS services there can exist the following:

  • Processing necessity required to enter into contract or to execute a contract of which the guest is a side of. If guest enters into contract with the IRS, then hotel can process  his data in the range necessary to fulfil this contract.
  • The processing  necessity for goals resulting from legally justified business interests fulfilled by administrator or a third party. This data processing bases is in regards to cases when their processing is legitimate taking to consideration justified hotel needs what covers among others the need to ensure safety of the service , taking statistical measurements, improving services and adjusting them to the needs of guests as well as conducting marketing and promoting hotel services.  
  • Processing is conducted on the grounds of agreement provided by guest voluntarily during registration tasks or other. It is needed primarily in case when we deliver basic information regarding our company and appropriate offer related to services provided by the hotel.
  • Personal data of our guests will be processed only in cases when the hotel has one of the permitted by RODO legal bases  and only  with the intent adjusted to specific bases according to description above.

8.3.  Hotel manages personal data in order to fulfil contracts entered with guests or to present guests with comprehensive offer regarding hotel services and accompanying  offers.  

8.4.  The legal basis for processing of your data is;

  • Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a RODO therefore in short the processing is conducted based on  permission obtained from guest;
  • article 6 paragraph 1 letter b RODO therefore in short the processing is required to fulfil the contract;
  • Article 6 paragraph 1 letter f RODO therefore in short processing is required to fulfil the objectives resulting from legally justified interests realized by the administrator. 

8.5.  The hotel guarantees full transparency of realized processes for data processing and fulfillment of all the laws specified by RODO, that is legal access, correction as well as removal of data, limiting of their processing, the right to their transfer, independent from automated decision making including profiling. Independently the guest is entitled to file a complaint with the supervisory body. Commercial activities and IRS marketing are realized in such a way to respond to the expectations and needs of guests therefore we are open to all suggestions and comments in regards to received from us information that can be emailed to the address     

8.6.  In a case when a guest would like to make use of  the laws he is entitled to or he feels that his data is poorly protected, then he should contact us or our Personal Data Protection Inspector at the address: 

8.7.  We are informing that the recipients of your data can be external entities: 

  • supporting us in the area of information technology tools management,
  • bookkeepers
  • providing marketing services
  • debt collection,

 as well as public authorities who receive the data based on existing laws. Guests data will be processed up to the moment when there are legal grounds for their processing - that means from when the permission is granted up to the moment when it is revoked, limited or other actions taken by guest limiting this permission, in case when data is necessary to fulfil contract - during the time when it is executed and in a case where basis for data processing is in justified interest of the administrator - up to the time of existence of the justified interest  i.e. up to the time of claim expiration or if the personal data processing will be necessary for purposeful satisfaction of claims or defense from claims from the opposing side.