Sale of Apartments and House

IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS helps investors in choosing the most fitting real estate for investment. Investor, that is interested in joining the group of apartment owners served by IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS, has to buy an apartment in new building industry in Sopot or Gdańsk. At this stage we can offer our help in choice of the right investment and flat. Already by purchase from property developer it is worth it to use our experience at interior arrangement, so that you will not have to convert the flat after receipt and it will let you spare incidental costs.

In another stage the client can also count on help and collaboration by making an interior arrangement project and after approval of flat project and cost estimate by the owner, we can take care of apartment finish and furnishings. We are capable of guaranteeing you a fast and excellent finish and furnishings, so that the apartment would meet the proper standards and would be ready to hire as quick as possibile. Our experience in hotel industry helps us with arrangement of the apartment, so that you will spend only as much as you need to but you will keep the required quality. We know, what are the clients paying attention to, what furnishings do they except and on what may the investors overinvest. Sharing with us the apartment arrangement is a time thrift – you don't have to worry about finding and controling the repair team, logistics supply and you will reduce the risk of mismatch to the clients needs.

There is an opportunity to prepare the flat without help of IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS. However it is a really important process, that has an influence over later profitability of hire and also decides about the viability of investment. The client, that will take advantage of our experience has a full guarantee of the highest return on investment, because He minimize the furnishings costs and its wear, at the same time maximizing incomes due to possesion of attractive flat.

When you own a flat equipped like that , the only thing left is to sign the lease contract with IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS and gain profits from the hire.

A very important point of Collabaration with IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS is that we incur costs on marketing and adwords campaigns ( sponsorship links), that work for all asscociated with IRS ROYAL APARTMENTS service flats.

We help as well in derivative turnover of apartments, that we manage. It is an great idea for investment, to sell co-called organized business together with real estate that significantly increases the attractiveness of investment, both for seller and purchaser.

At present we have following apartments on sale. Interested persons we ask for contact at